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Question about channel mixing

Hi, im an absolute begginer at this and i've been looking this answer in the forum but havent found one yet, so here i am.
The thing is, i want to broadcast online radio mixing some channels for beeing able to:
-talk via skype with some friends and broadcast that talk
-broadcast also my audio output, the music i want to play
-make skype take as microphone, not my actual microphone, but a mix between that and the audio output, so my friends can hear me and the music also
-make my headphones hear only the audio output and skype's output, so i wont hear myself, wich is horrible (this is the less important)

so i've downloaded soundflower for mac and tried doing this, but everything i send to the 2ch or 64ch always use channel 1 and 2, so i cant work with separate audio channels.

maybe you know if reasons is right for this, and maybe you can give me a hand with my problem. i know this is no the exact software i should use, but i havent found anything more similar on the web.

the idea is to configure a
skype-in-channel with: microphone + audio output for skype to take as the line in
skype-out-channel with: skype's output for outputting to headphones-in-channel and broadcast-channel
headphones-in-channel with: skype's output + audio output for me to hear
broadcast-channel with: skype's output + audio output + microphone

thanks, sorry for the bad english!

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