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Questions about Reason Performance..


I have a question, it seems that the dsp meter in reason is either not correct or its for another purpose then people seem to think. Lemme give you a breakdown of the situation:

As you can see on the screenshot above the DSP meter is filled. But the cpu usage is a mere 40% most of the time its even lower in this track that i am remixing (Original was made by Diablo75) The limit in the settings is set to none and the multicore rendering thing is enabled aswel (i know this is problably just for the rendering part but i thought id state it anyway.).

So here is my list of questions:

1. Is reason not utilizing the cpu to the max?
2. Is reason not utilizing all the cores in my system?
3. Is the DSP meter a meter that measures capability of a sound interface?
4. Is this a posible harddisk problem (disk to slow or something?) im using 2 western digital black edition disks in raid 0.
5. Is is my ram, do i need more ?!

UPDATE: It seems to only use 4 threads?

During rendering it seems to choose a different processor. I installed a SSD and 12 gb of extra memory this didnt make any difference.

It is starting to look like this DSP thing is related to the soundboard, I am using an Projectmix IO.

Whats happening?!


P.S. Sorry about the size of the screenshot. I was not able to attach it.

Last edited by PsyTale; 2012-11-19 at 20:57. Reason: Found out rendering isnt truely multicore either.

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