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Using Combinator live


I've been using a demo version of 6.5 because I want to make sure it can do what I want before I plunk down the $'s. My needs are:

Using the Combinator (I've seen some great tutorials on youtube - but no answer yet to my issue) I want to create a set of patches that I can control using two different keyboards. I can get all the way to defining the split points on the patches in the Combinator Programmer, but I can't yet find the right way to assign a specific keyboard to a synth in the 'combi'. I thought there must be some way to set the synths to respond on a given midi channel so that only the keyboard sending on that channel would activate it but I can't find a way to set that up.

I can 'lock' a controller to a device but then I can't switch to another combi and do the same thing without re-locking to the keyboards/controllers. I'm sure there has to be an easy way to accomplish this but I am not able to find it.

So bottom line, I want to create, say, 10 combinators with multiple synths in them and assign keyboard 1 to 'some' of the synths and keyboard 2 to the others. How is this done? Can it be done?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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