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Old 2003-11-21, 00:30
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Eliminating Clicks n Pops with Pulse Wave LFOs?

Hi all.

(drum roll..) Here's a proper question...

I'm adding a filter and echo into one of my tunes after the mixer stage (mixer- filter- rv7000- out) so that I can apply the same effect to everything. I'm automating the filter with a 'dummy' subtractor purely as an LFO module, set to pulse wave at 1/8 notes, and my plan is/was to switch the filter on for the first 2 bars, then switch the echo on for the next 2 bars

(when I say on, I mean from bypass to on using the sequencer automation)

All sounds fine, apart from the clicks and clippings that occur because of the jump associated with square/pulse waves - since the act of switching a device on is itself a pulse...

I can see why I get jumps or breaks in the audio (discontinuity of pulse waves etc), but does anyone know of a clever trick so that I can still have the idea of jumping from one sound to another, without getting audible clipping or clicks?

(o/t, ideally I'd like to use the excellent Fromhage free filter plugin and ReWire with SL, but it crashes when I try to use it with Reason... anyone else have this problem? Works fine on audio and other VSTi's, but not Reason for some, erm, reason)



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