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Old 2012-11-26, 22:08
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DJ-Mix 24.11.2012, Ozon, Kloten [Techno/Trance]

Striclty Vinyl as usual, striclty oldschool as usual

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1. Ghostnote "Spas"
2. Infidus "Limeted Edition (Limited Edition Mix)"
3. Wax Doctor "Another Direction"
4. Sandoz 25 "Polytone"
5. Cherry Moon "The House Of House"
6. Celblock X "Toxic Trip"
7. Paul Mix "New Millenium (Tranceatlantic Remix)"
8. Cyrus "Enforcement"
9. Venom "Heaven's On Fire (Protolysis Remix)"
10. Silver Zone "Pulse Shot"
11. SL2 "Aftershock"
12. Kemel "Anifaras (Club Mix)"
13. Slaughterhouse "Midland"
14. Freestyle & DJR "Ten 44"
15. Slaughterhouse "Euthanesia"
16. The Invisible Man "The Beginning"
17. Solar Eclipse "From Here To Enlightment"
18. Mr. Gasmask "I'm Still Alive"
19. No Man's Land "Termination - ZX"
20. Kosmos feat. Mary K. "The Mission"
21. Magnetic Two "Boom Level"
22. Plank "Breath Of Brooklyn"
23. Ghostnote "Individual Warfare"
24. Protolysis "Corium"
25. Traction "Acid Warriors (Club Mix)"
26. Dance 2 Trance "Enuf Eko?"
27. Necromancer "Do It!"
28. Section X "Sector X"
29. Beatmen "Untitled Track (4 The Floor rec 2, Side B)"
30. The Rotten Duck "Andromeda (Centauri)"
31. Black Acid "Black Acid"
32. Affie Yusuf "Chief"
33. STS-1 "Auspex Avibus (Code 2.5 Mix)"
34. Sonicity "Solaris 5"
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