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Add support for Program Change CC

I'm aware that browse lists can become longer than 128 patches. But that still doesn't preclude being able to support Program Change messages. How frustrating! Why not simply support up to the first 128 in the list? And if there are more than that, support Bank messages! Combined Bank + Patch = current patch #. If outside the range, use a simple modulus against the # of patches in the browse list, creating a "wraparound" effect. That would be a clean way to do this.

I should add, think of how awesome it would be to go directly to patch #'s you've memorized in a list of patches you made yourself, without having to use the mouse.

Then I could work more fluidly all on this Oxygen25 I just got... (yes, I do plan on getting a Nektar P6 when it comes out and I have the cash...)

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