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Please, share my pain.

Ugh, so Windows Update bothered me to install some important business onto my computer and, well, updates get me giddy for some reason and I got a little too excited and immediately pressed "restart now" without checking to see what programs I had open.

One of them was an unsaved project on Reason: the result of about an hour of effort into starting a new song that I thought was damn good for my own standards. Obviously I could go back and try my best to recreate the sound, note by note on the sequencer, but all the equalization, effects, and all that jazz cannot be perfectly emulated a second time. I'm sure any producer would agree.

You would think Propellerheads would have implemented an autosave feature into Reason by now, or something to protect unsaved work. Granted, I realize saving a .rns is more taxing than, say, the autosave feature on Microsoft Word, but anything to protect ones art would go a long way! I did, however, export a .wav before I stepped away from it to share with a friend for feedback so I have SOMETHING to go off of at least (you can listen to it here if you're that interested )

Anyway, never posted on the forums before, and I'm frustrated, figured I'd rant about it on here. :P

Anyone else had frustrating moments like this? I'm interested in hearing some stories

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