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Old 2012-11-29, 02:26
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New ReFills by Soundiron: Introducing Old Busted Granny Piano & Tuned Micro

I'm happy to announce the release of new Reason ReFills for two of our popular but compact instrument libraries: Old Busted Granny Piano and Tuned Micro. We teamed up with Propellerhead to carefully optimize and redesign these two libraries specifically for the Reason 6 platform, with Combinator and NN-XT presets that truly capture the playability and advanced control functionality that people have come to love with these popular instruments. We'll be adding new offerings to our Reason catalog as time goes on.

Tuned Micro Reason ReFill Edition is a compact yet powerful multi-instrument collection focuses on a variety of our unique stringed and tuned percussion instruments. We took a dozen of the popular instruments found in our Stringed and Tuned Percussion Bundles for Kontakt and selected a core set of samples from each that offer a good introduction to the signature style, flavor, tone and quality you can expect from our full libraries. You'll find a useful variety of bamboo log drums, wooden box drums, plucked zithers, prepared piano, steel bells, music box, PVC tube drums, wine glasses, kalimba/mbira, toy glockenspiel, waterharp and a modified twine-strung cello. We've designed a dual-layer mix control for each instrument category preset that allows you to create custom blends with selected layered pairs from the 20 different articulations. Each preset comes with dual layer volumes, attack, release gating, filter, Echo, Reverb and other shaping and special FX parameter controls that can be automated and changed in real-time, allowing truly unique sonic possibilities. You can download it now for $29. All ReFill Editions require Reason version 6.0.2 or later. Click Here for info.

Click Here For PDF User Manual
Click Here to listen to MP3 Demos

Granny Piano Reason ReFill Edition is a unique instrument that goes way back with us. This classic beat-up, worn-down, rickety upright piano is just the kind of faded old beauty that your grandmother had collecting dust and creepy porcelain dolls in her living room when you were a kid. With a watery and faded tone, wobbly hammers and a few broken strings, you'll hear and feel every creak and groan as it plays. Clearly, the years have not been kind to her looks or her voice, but her soul truly has aged like a fine wine. This old girl has heart, so give her a whirl.

We've included plenty of Combinator patches that feature front panel controls to easily reshape the action and tone right at your fingertips, with note attack to simulate pad-like sounds, note release, release sample volume and the volume of the pedal sound effect that plays when you use the sustain pedal. We also included a couple of nifty reverb effects and an awesome "Grahammy" mode which makes Granny sound like she's coming out of an old phonograph, complete with vinyl record pops. We also included a selection of ambiences we call Geriatrocities - various sustaining pads and evolving drones derived from the source. You can download it now for $49. All ReFill Editions require Reason version 6.0.2 or later. Click Here for info.

Click Here For PDF User Manual
Click Here to listen to MP3 Demos

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