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Old 2012-11-29, 09:36
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MusicBuyMail - how does it work for artists?

Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone has had any connection with the German musicstore/label They seem to be in the business of selling classic rock/metal/aor etc. That is all well and good, but I'm more interested in how they treat their artists. I understand they sometimes look for and sign indie bands from obscurity. Is there anyone who's had an experience with this? I know this might not be the best place to ask in terms of target audience, but here goes.

I'm asking this, because someone claiming to represent this label contacted me and said they'd want to sign our band and do a distribution deal for Europe. I shit you not. I believe "flabbergasted" is a good word to describe how I feel about this, and I'm still half expecting this whole deal to be just another Internet hoax. That's why I'm asking: if anyone knows anything helpful, do share it with me!

This whole thing seems so unreal! We are just some guys making rock songs on our free time as a hobby, and suddenly someone wants to sell our music alongside Reckless Love, Sunstorm and Sturm und Drang? Just unreal, I tell you!

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