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Rack Extensions and Presets and GUI

this is more of a suggestion than a critic..
I have being playing around with PX7 and while some of the combinator presets are awesome the patches on the 'TRY' version are dull and lacking.
I'm a sucker for a new Rack Extension comming out, in a timed manner, to maximize eveyones wonga...........for Gods sake these folks are trying to run a business, and a bloody good one as well.
The Reason I got Reason............see what I did?....lame....was about the fact that it looked that time it was a hell of a lot sonially inferior to programs like Orion. Now Synapse Audio is doing Rack Extensions and I do think,, for instance, Antidode is one of the best Synths I have ever heard.
I also own PredatorRE which has one of the best sound engine I have ever heard.

to cut to the chase
and this is the opinion of a guy..................that has loved you lot for 12 years or more?
..................sorry but I know I's sounds a bit mental but we love you .

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