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Angry Device moving behaviour in the rack

I wonder if anyone else is bothered by these.

1) In previous Reason versions, when you dragged a device or multiple selected devices in the rack and dropped them to another place, Reason moved only those without trying to be helpful and moving other connected devices with them. I really dislike the way how Reason 6.5 (and 6 for that matter, IIRC) does the latter, eventhough I haven't selected any other devices.

2) Closely related, if I try to place a (cablewise unrelated) device between two connected devices, Reason won't let me. Stop deciding these things for me, will you?

However, I understand these might be helpful features for some people, but as fiddling with the rack - and ordering the devices in a way that's meaningful to me - is a significant part of my workflow, I'm annoyed by this new behaviour, as I now have to unconnect a bunch of devices, move them where ever I want and then reconnect everything again.

I haven't spotted anything in the preferences about this. A selection about choosing between old and new behaviour would be great, now would it not?

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