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Old 2012-12-18, 18:11
dusko dusko is offline
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Device for controlling hardware synths

Hi Props,

Maybe you are planning MIDI OUT for Reason, who knows ...So I would like to share how I am using my hardware instruments and what are my visions of using them in Reason environment:

I have six hardware synths. Each instrument is permanently connected to certain audio inputs of audio interface. Each instrument is configured for certain MIDI channel receive.

A dedicated device in Reason rack would allow to configure AUDIO INPUT receive and MIDI OUT channel. Also, it would be possible to control hardware instruments via knobs or faders on front of this dedicated device. You simply add fader or knob and assign certain MIDI CC to it. So we can create a custom controller. All this configuration could be stored as one patch.

So, for example, If I need to use Nord Rack 2 in Reason all I have to do is:

1. Create device for controlling hardware synths
2. Load patch " Nord Rack 2 "

All configuration (AUDIO Inputs receive, MIDI OUT Channel and knobs/faders) is instantly loaded and I am ready to use my hardware instrument. Instrument and audio tracks will be automatically created based on my patch. So I don't need to setup my hardware instrument in Reason every time when I need to use it. I simply insert device and load a patch.

Knobs/faders with associated names and CC could be automated in usual Reason way. Also there will be CV inputs on back, so It would be possible to control MIDI CC via other Reason devices.

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