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Old 2012-12-21, 14:49
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Navigating the RE shop - needs improving

Does anyone else find it difficult to FIND or SHOP the RE's on

Almost EVERY time I log on I find myself going up & down trying to just SEE all of them, but instead I'm forced to have them broken into a "spotlight" section, then "highest rated" or "new releases" -- which, I'll add, only lists 5, and they aren't the newest ones. For instance I saw "Dragon Gate" was new today because of a Forum post, but when I go to the RE shop, I don't even see it. Unless, of course, I type it in a SEARCH but shouldn't it be in the "NEWEST" list?

This is how the RE page SHOULD be, in my opinion:

Sure, have a spotlight banner up top for promotion, but then let the rest of the page be EVERY RE with a SORTING tab to chose from options such as Release date / Rating / Category or Type.

"Similar products" is subjective... it's helpful, but then again it's somewhat random. I understand you can type in a specific SEARCH but when browsing, lets say I just want to see what's new, or I want to see only synths, etc.

And when I finally look at an item, how do I get BACK to the RE area? I have to click on a SIMILAR PRODUCT, or a randomly chosen MORE FROM PROPELLERHEAD unit. Otherwise it's back to the PROPELLERHEAD SHOP tab.. too many steps.

Please, someone pass along my frustration... there needs to be a better way to casually shop REs.
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