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RE "Greatest Hits" Packs

Just had this thought.

Props could run reports on sales to see which RE's are owned by the most people and sell those as packs with slight discounts. The focus would be on affordable (<$120) RE's only and the goal would be to maximize compatibility between users.

There could be a 5 packs, updated every 4 months, one for each category, and one mega pack.

It might have to be somewhat curated and after the initial introduction (with 5-10 devices...) only 2 or so would be added to it on every update.

There could also be an "unsung heroes" category for RE's that get a bad rap but have more to offer than their rating would suggest. (maybe they are purchased a lot, or the bad rating seems to come from sticker shock)

Props would take the hit from the discount (which is why it'd be modest), so they wouldn't hurt developer's margins.

On a somewhat related note, I think it's necessary to be able to buy bundles even if you have some of the RE's in them already, and get their value subtracted from the total so it's not like you're buying them twice... might be necessary for this idea to work.

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