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Old 2012-12-27, 10:15
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Modular Rack Frame in Reason with 3rd party RE Support

Reason Modular Rack Frame Device

I've been thinking about this request for some time now and thought that now is the time to try and summarize a suggestion.
  • The Modular Rack Frame device in Reason is a device that is at least 3U in height and a full 19" in width. It's a dynamic device that supports modular style modules of certain fixed sizes according to a certain scheme. The size of the modules are as follows:

    6HP, 12HP, 18HP, 24HP, 32HP, etc all growing with 6HP up to 84HP (full rack width).
  • 6HP is great for small utility modules such as buffer, multiple, inverter, ring mod, etc.
  • 12HP is the "standard" size for modules such as VCO's, VCF's, VCA's, LFO's, ADSR's etc.
  • The larger HP formats are suitable for special function modules, sequencers etc.
  • With 12HP modules, 7 will fit in a single rack row. When you have filled up one row, just create another Modular Rack Frame Device.
  • The Modular Rack Frame format is designed in such a way that any 3rd party RE developer can design their own module, single purpose if so desired, and the user can mix and match modules from different developers as they see fit. This enables the user to purchase i.e. the VCO module from developer X and the sequencer module from developer Y.

    I'm open for the suggestion of support for front-side patching, but seeing as the Reason platform is highly modular and has it's patching on the back, it might be a good idea to leave patching as is, i.e. on the back for easier integration with the rest of the Reason environment.
  • Some limitations that I'd personally like to see dealt with is that of the control signals. It would be great if all the cables in the Modular Rack Frame device were equal and that it support full audio-rate modulation between modules (i.e. audio rate FM between oscillators, etc).
I'm sure that there's more to specify regarding this standard but this is it for now!

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