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Ez all.. a new year and a new beat to boot...

Interested to see what you guys think, been using Predator for the pad, Uhbik-S & Line 6's for the bassline (after resampling it, NNXTing and replaying) + BUFFRE thrown in too, Renoun for extra reverb (sounds tasty) on the arp style pluck-sounds, RE-2A on the drums (for extra punch), and a few ReQ131's on the bassline (to bring out root and harmonics) drums (for added weight to the kick, boost on the snare and some extra air across the drum-kit (electronic), few bounces, re-arrange, bounce down to a final (for now), then back in on a new track, with another ReQ131 followed up with Ozone for final boosting. Before getting the loudness up with Ozone, was getting around -4dB on the VU meter (did get occasional loud peaks mainly from drum hits and the bassline) and everything was quite low on the levels overall. Gave me plenty of headroom when final eqing and Ozoning.

Well, enjoy what I've done so far, will be getting this finished asap (as well as artwork and a B-side too, or this might be the AA side )

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