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Old 2013-01-02, 21:18
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My newest production = done in about 16 hours - Reggae

I wanted to start off the year with a bang, I guess, so I recreated an old favorite tune of mine. Hope you like it. I did all instruments and vocals, though my girlfriend did add a track of "Ooo's" = It was completed in about 16 hours, start to finish.

4 different DAWs were used. Reason first, then vocals and guitars tracked in Reaper*, the vocals and backups were then spit out BACK into Reason where I added synth backups via the Neptune, the mix was done in Reaper with VST's all over the place, (I think the session was taxing my memory/RAM to the tune of 900mb the last I peeked at it - there was no way it would play properly, either, unless some FX were turned off - of course, it rendered just fine, praise the Lord), mastered in Studio One, and further mastered in Adobe Audition. Hope you like it. It was totally fun to do.

* The main organ is the VB3 VSTi by GSi Soundware. That Leslie?......yeah
** Other Vsti's present are Mr Ray Mk2 (Rhodes), ZD6 Clav, TAL-Bassline (half the bass) and Addictive Drums.
*** Sounds from Reason include Drums, Piano (Korg M1 samples in NNXT combi'd with a stock Reason acoustic piano), Sine Wave, 12 Acoustic Guitar (its in there...), a bass filter effect combi, a bass track, all the horns, and maybe something else im forgetting.
**** Both the bass and the drums are "blends" of both bass from Reason, and a track of the SAME MIDI data controlling an instance of TAL-Basslne. Same thing is going on with the drums - same MIDI data and both Reason Drums and Addictive drums are blended together.
***** About 40 tracks in all going in the mix

FINAL EDIT: Did I mention 16 hours? Yeah....I meant straight :P - so, this is my disclaimer that im loopy as all get out right now. It could use more love, Im certain, and all sessions are sitting saved to be fixed up later, but it was fun to bang out = Im goin to bed now.... :P Cheers
My Player on Reverbnation - 35 Tunes - Original & Classic Reggae/Dub Productions:

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