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Old 2013-01-01, 23:32
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Got Me Wondering. 80s-style pop with Antidote and PX7

Hey everyone,

Here's my first song of 2013! It's called Got Me Wondering and makes heavy use of Antidote. It has 5 Antidotes, one PX-7, and two Combinators from the amazing 88-MPH refill by Ed Bauman.

This song is totally 80s. Let me know what you think!

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Here are the lyrics:
Who is this girl with the golden hair?
I’d like to talk but I wouldn’t dare

I saw her I was standing in a Muni train
I was soaked, I was dripping, I’d been caught in the rain

Her hair was in braids she had a painted eye
She had an old bike and a younger guy

You run with the hares and you run with the hounds
You got me wondering
It seems to me that you own this town
You got me wondering

You run with the hounds and you run with the herd
You got me wondering
I’m sure that you know that this is absurd
You got me wondering

I saw her last week at Dolores Park
I had to get home it was getting dark

I saw her at a restaurant just the other day
She doesn’t have to wait she just gets her way

I saw her at the airport she was dressed to the nines
Is this the same woman I see all time?

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