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Control Surface Details Reason 5


Question #1:

Does anyone know if this document
or an equivalent is available for Reason 5?

Question #2:

On my control keyboard (Axiom 25) I have to use preset #10 with Reason 5 and Record 1.5.
In the control surface details document I just discovered how i can scroll through different settings in order to have my keyboard mapped to different device parameters. I had no idea about this, since I'v been making my own presets for the Axiom to control the parameters that has suited my production.
In Reason 4 this worked just fine, but in Record 1.0 I've always had to use preset#10 without really knowing why and how to make the most out of it. (I guess i could have learned more about it but I didn't.)
My question is; is there a way for me to manually program my Axiom 25 again (or any other control keyboard) so that it controls my favourite parameters and even make my own presets or do I just have learn to live with Preset #10?

Maybe this preset #10 is the ultimate way of using my control keyboard and Reason/Record together. Since I just found out how it works, I'm not sure.
Since I like having the freedom of setting up my own patches/presets etc., this feels a bit limiting..

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