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QUESTION - Deleted Audio Question

Hi there.

If I delete an audio file that I imported in Reason and then save that song, how do I get that audio file back if I work on that song again at a later stage. (Without importing it again since it is still in the session anyway)

I ask this question purely because I am interested in what the solution is.

You see I was importing songs into my projects to use as reference while mixing.

Then I deleted them from the sequencer again after I was finished with the mix thinking that my file size would shrink back to its normal size. But it didnt.

Then I figured out that you need to delete the audio from the sequencer and choose "save and optimize" to make the file smaller again. That all works perfectly but then I started thinking, if I just use the regular SAVE option, the file size stays big. In other words that imported audio is still in the project.

But the question is WHERE can I find it since I deleted it from the sequencer. How do I put it back into the sequencer?

Pro Tools for example has a list with all the audio clips in it. Or you can just go the folder where it stores all the audio for the project and get it from there. But since Reason does not have a folder like that, how would you get that audio back into the session?

Anyway if anyone knows how to do it, I would love to learn the secret.
Thanks in advance.

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