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Fader Automation

Hi all

I've been using reason for years but never really mixed anything there
few days ago I bought Reason 6.5 to be my first choice for songwriting of any kind (with lots of samples ready etc...) since I really wanted to get rid of Logic which was my "old" choice

I've always mixed all my music in Reaper but Reason 6.5 sounds sweet (especially with this new Mixer) so I'm curious to squeeze it more and mix a whole song in there

I make a large and accurate use of automation in every mix and I'm a bit stuck with Reason's automation concept

what I do in Reaper is click V, the volume automation lane appears and I'm ready to go.

here in Reason, I'm a bit puzzled since it looks more complex than I was used to


I'm new to it and I'm aware of it ... and that's why I'm here

I'm working in Block mode

for now what I did was:

- select the instrument I want to automate

- create an automation lane for the Master Amp

at this point, pencil in my hand, I should be able to draw my first node..

but it doesn't happen... it just creates a clip that begins and ends right there.
if I click more what it does is creating more empty clips on top of each other..

also what puzzles me here is that

- it doesn't create a node (pencil in my hand)
- there's a clip (which feels kinda of an extra to me since I already created a lane that I thought it was ready to host my automation nodes) and also this clip needs to be sized ... (which again feels kind of an extra again since I obviously want the whole lenght of the track ready to be automated)

said so... I'm surely missing something ... and Reason might "think" in a different way I need to get used to..

also what I'd like to ask you is:

what's you workflow when you composed a cute piece of music and now you have all your tracks ready to mix and it's time to automate volumes, pans etc...?

for now many thanks for you ideas

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