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Yes.... in my view, it would be cool to have an extra time of two week , in order to try again all rack extensions and this just one time, like an extra ticket, a bonus.

Understand me well, the 30 day trial is an exellent period to test R.E's, but sometime we don't take enought time for testing them, either because we are to busy for testing fully , either we forget, many weeks after the 30 day trial time, how an effect or instrument sounded and we want to remember it one last time before deciding to buy, and so on.

So it would be cool to have, on our account of propellerhead shop, a kind of virtual ticket to use, which will allow us to test just for one last time and for a period of two week each rack extensions in the shop, at anytime we feel. (One ticket by R.E , usable in a year for exemple and just one time)

I thourt maybe of a little logo representing the "ticket" on the side of each rack extensions which will dissapear after the period of ultimate testing. (Two weeks seem correct)

What do you think ?
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