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Old 2013-02-18, 16:35
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how to record cv wiring sounds into sequencer?

hello, i got peff's power tools for reason 3.0 and my brain has melted. my question is on page 28 he gives an exercise about "using a gate to control a note cv input" which requires the user to take a Subtractor's modulation output of LFO1 back into the Sequencer Control Gate Input...and the subtractor starts to beep...and then you connect a Matrix's gate cv to the Subtractor's sequencer control cv input and program steps 1-16 on the matrix...i've made some tweaks to this with a bass guitar patch loaded and i love the sound, HOWEVER, i can't 'record pattern to track' to get it into the sequencer for keeps...and it keeps on going even after the i have pressed stop on the sequencer. the sound is ALWAYS on (unless i hit mute). Please help me 'record' these patterns/sounds into the sequencer. Since getting peff's book, I have been experimenting with wiring and coming up with some wicked sounds but most of them are like this exammple here: i can't get them into the sequencer...thanks, j

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