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Old 2013-02-15, 08:33
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Manual pitch adjustments of audio tracks?

I am a Reason newbie since a couple of weeks and I love the software but I have a question. (I am new to music production to so forgive me for not using correct terminology )

I have recorded my daughter singing and arranged background accompaniment to this. She's 8 years and a decent singer for her age. She is a bit out of tune every now and then but that is part of her character that I mostly want to preserve. At a few points in the song, though, she is a bit too much out of tune and I would like to make a few subtle corrections. I guess she's got average patience for her age and I don't want to spoil the fun for her with too many retakes.

I know you can change pitch directly on the clip, but this is “one global parameter” for the entire clip. If cut out the part of the clip that I want to correct, I still need to *slide* the pitch adjustment up and down for a natural sound.

I have tried automating the pitch bender wheel in Neptune. By this, I can correct the pitch, but Neptune does other corrections too that I don't want. Is it possible to configure Neptune so that *the only thing* affecting my audio track is the pitch bender wheel and switch off all other automatic corrections? Or is there any other better way to fix this in Reason? Is it even possible to do what I am asking for?

Grateful for help,

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