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Thumbs down Instability - no sound -restart

I have stability problems with reason 6.5.3 and Balance

It is when I come to late part of projects when there is a bunch of synths and effects. The problem is that sound starts cracking up and eventually go away and I have to restart reason. Typically it happens when I change sound in a synth when running sequencer. For example right now it was Thor and I even soloed the synth and I wasnt even running the sequencer. Same thing.. sound starts to crack up and then -no sound + restart.

"Ah! System resources!" you would typicality say.

Maybe so.. but what system resources I wonder..
My rig is a PC with SSD disk where reason is installed, Intel I5 2500k overclocked at 4,5Ghz (water cooled) and 8 GB RAM. When I look on system resources the CPU is running at ~ 40% and ~ 3GB of RAM is used. Temperature is just at 50 C. For me that seems to be far from system resources capacity.
The OC is stable. I have run prime95 that loads the CPU to 100% for 24 hours with no problemo -neither in calculations nor temp. When OC breaks you often get hard crashes and not these minor problems
I am using wondows 8 64 bit

I get the impression that either there is an internal bug in Reason or in the balance driver (I have the latest 1.1.0 installed)

Anyone have an idea? If it is system resource problems-what problems since CPU and RAM is far from overload..

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