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Old 2005-09-06, 12:08
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I keep going on about this & I'm not going to stop until we get it! I'm convinced (although I know nothing about programming) this this feature would be easy to implement but it would make a big difference to using the Combinator as well as Combinator skin design. Let me explain ...

... Controlling pattern based patches from the Combinator rotary controls is a bit of a hit & miss affair. On my own patches I might have a rotary knob assigned to a matrix with the range set (in the programmer) from 0-7 thus controlling matrix patterns A1 - A8. The problem is the way the rotary knob, with it's full 0-127 range, 'switches' between those 8 patterns - Clockwise the pattern switches at one point, anti-clockwise it's different! This means that you can't even add markers onto your Combinator skins to indicate the position of the pattern change! They might be accurate clockwise but anti-clockwise you'll notice that the position is different! As such it's best not to use any indicators on your skins at all becasue they are just not accurate & don't help much at all with pattern selection.

This could all be resolved with a simple notch mode for the Combinator's rotary knob's - Right clicking on the knob would offer the option to switch the knob to 'notch mode'. The range of the notch mode would be simply selected from 1 of 4 options i.e Notch mode 1-8, 1-16, 1-32 & 1-64. Now the Combinator Rotary knob would operate much like the r
'Resolution' knob on the ReDrum & as such patten switches would now be 100% accurate.

PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENTS ON THIS IDEA. It's a no brainer as far as I'm concered. It's a simple change that i'm sure wouldn't be difficult to implement but would make a huge difference to using the Combinator for pattern based patches.

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