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Lightbulb Combinator Polyphony

Inspired by an idea awhile ago for a standalone device, this is an idea for just one, deceptively simple control that seems boring but could open up entirely new sonic palettes. In other words, a perfect match for the Combinator.

It would probably be a drop-down in the programmer, with the options "Passthrough, 1, 2, 3..." up to maybe 8.


Default setting. This gives you normal Combinator behavior, with all polyphony settings inside untouched.


The Combi will only send one voice key at a time to the instruments inside, regardless of their individual settings. Perfect for making that five-Subtractor poly into an instant monosynth.

2 ... 8

This is where it starts to get really interesting. The Combi works the same as in "1" mode, but for each new voice key, a new, virtual copy of the Combinator is activated.

What this means is that suddenly, that crazy Pulsar chain you put together can play chords, you can make complex pads with your Ochen K. modulars without having to tweak half a dozen knobs each time you adjust one parameter, and even Thor at last has as many per-voice envelopes as you could ever want.

There's much more, like using Scream to shape voices indivdually, using Matrix for poly envelopes... the possibilities from this comparatively simple control are massive. Obviously, CPU load is something to keep an eye on, though hopefully the fact that each virtual copy would be monophonic would keep it in check.


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