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Old 2012-01-10, 19:00
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PCIe Audio Cards with Swappable OPamp to change the User Sound Colour

For those who may not know! As well not sure if this was ever covered here in the forum.

I have made this post for those who are just getting started. Those who would like an affordable audio card with ultra high quality sound output. There are now audio cards you can buy to change the OPamp that gives you that more expensive audio card sound quality.

What is an OPamp you ask. Since there is a some reading, this link will explain in more detail.

In short the OPamp can control the sound signature of the audio card. Different opamps can increase the detail, increase the dynamic range and increase the soundstage. The key is to having a high slew rate, high gain bandwidth, Low noise and a high signal to noise ratio. Make sure you resd up on the specs of an OPamp you want to buy. Now what does this do for Reason 6, gives you complete black background, more body and clairity to all single hit sounds. Its just better together. It doesn't break your bank account as a new user to Reason.

I have in my system an ASUS Xonar STX Audio Card that you can change the OPamp. The OPamp is mounted in a 8DIP socket so you can remove it. Here is what it looks like in the picture below.

For that image I have now put in the OP2604. Which is has better specs for audio output. The OPA2604 gives more clairity in the sense that you can hear all the souns on a heavy layer audio project over the stock OPamp that ships with this audio.

Now you can check out this guide I made here.

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