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Old 2010-10-08, 12:57
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Line 6: The official "we want the Full Monty" thread

This should be pretty self-explanatory.


- 7 FX slots, Wah module selection is a fixed slot, with six free slots. (Merely an arbitrary limit here, could be 8/10/12 free slots)

- Wah module can be routed after any of the six free slots (yes, with the picture above slot 1 would have to be empty to put it first, slot 6 empty to put it last, but you get the idea)

- Click the yellow button on the mod row to edit it

- Loading a preset patch will load the first [six] effects, replacing models not present as required

No more alttabrouteaudioloadpatcheditpatchsavepatchalttabl oadpatch messin' about.

Vintage Keyboard & Guitar ReFills for Reason

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