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"experimental electronica song w/ vocals" from upcoming concept album

eighteighty - it's a jungle out here

Here's an excerpt I wrote for my upcoming website, on my upcoming first album release. It was extracted as a 16 bit file then converted to 192kb mp3 for quickness and size purposes. I'm getting it 'out of the box' mastered, then transfer to vinyl, then back to digital. I am going for a low-fi vintage quality with very modern approach to composition. Hope you like and would love feedback!:

i never made it to mexico
lp, 2013 (to be released)
total time: ~70 minutes

this album came a long way since its inception in 2007. it has gone through numerous musical and conceptual changes, and the overall sound wasn't really dialed in until february 2011, when my software proficiency finally caught up with my ambition. I now compose mostly in propellerhead's reason software. the title has kept its name since the 'i'd do it for you' chorus lyrics were scribbled into a photogram for a 2007 photography class, which prompted alternate choices to going on a planned trip to mexico.

'i never made it to mexico' is a two-part story about a man referenced only as "barnes" by a third-person narrator. he goes through what is perceived as a lucid journey, in between times of mental insanity.

the story starts with the second track 'trains', as the protagonist embarks on an adventure to remember what had happened from his last episodic lapse in stability. with only a few inclinations to go by, seeing a familiar clue at a train station reminds him of a lost love. born with his condition, he feels that he was rejected by her and was once again, forced into another delusional bout of madness and degradation. during the second part of the story, he slowly questions whether he imagined the woman or not, and if his struggle might be with his other incarnations.

the first numerical track, 'phoenix, 1986', is a message from barnes' consciousness, confusingly pleading with one of his cyclical manifestations, to try and eventually hold onto a single one. this would eventually save himself by holding onto a single personality instead of committing suicide every time he realizes who he is, and awakening as a new manifestation.

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