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Old 2013-02-26, 09:25
morcs morcs is offline
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Balance owners - couple of questions (power popping and DirectSound/Windows drivers)

Was just hoping to check a couple of things about Balance due to bad experience with other audio interfaces:

* My current audio interface (Line 6 UX1) causes brain-busting pops and thumps through the connected powered monitors when the PC/USB power is switched. I think every audio interface I've had has done this though - does Balance do this too or is it unavoidable? (I could turn the speakers off whilst booting but the switches are a pain to get to)

* Also my current audio interface, and most outboard stuff I have tried has very unreliable Windows/DirectSound drivers, so it'l stop working on YouTube, Spotify, games etc. and I have to use the noisy onboard soundcard for that stuff. Do the Balance drivers work just as well with these consumer apps as with DAWs etc.?

Thanks in advance,


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