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REs DO NOT use more CPU!

So, after hearing some talk about REs using lots of CPU again I thought I should try it myself.

So I am using a live channel and insert TSAR-1R plugins in a row, both sequencers run at 256 samples buffer size, 44.1kHz / 24bit

Testing on a MacBook Dual Core i7.

Logic craps out with 7 TSAR-1R in a row:

Guess what? Reason too:

(quote myself from another thread) And only a record-ready, live audio channel with plugins in a row is a fair comparison of actual DSP use as this is when most DAWs work comparably. The signal flow in other DAWs is obviously much simpler, Logic can run non-live channels with larger buffer sizes, so only comparisons where the channel is in record-ready mode really count. Again this is due to the other possibilities Reason gives us, Logic only has Channel -> Plugin -> Plugin -> Bus -> Master, in Reason everything is possible so everything has to run at minimum buffer size.

Also see this post:

So please, no more rumors or quoting of faulty tests If you want to try it yourself, don't forget to disable Reasons "only use 80% CPU" switch. Both plugin versions are available as demo versions. If theres differences its the plugin developers fault, not that of RE's per se.
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