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Old 2013-02-28, 18:41
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For RATT/80's Rock Fans: Free drum and guitar combinators


I recently created a few 80s sounds based on RATTs "Out of the Cellar" and I thought I could share these and also maybe get some feedback from real RATT fans :-D I chose this album as a reference for the sound due to some PUF member "reminding" me of it in some thread, I don't remember who it was though..

Heres a short demo song where I (badly ) play the beginning of "Round and Round" to demonstrate the sounds in context:

The center piece is of course Bobby Blotzers drums, so I made a drum synth combinator for that, the "BlotzBox" :-D Its 100% based on the Kong synthesis sounds except for the crash. (Thanks to adfielding for inspiration to do it like this via his video tutorial!)

Combinator download here:

Then I also made a guitar combinator giving you that typical 80's "screaming" "in your face", *not* "corny" sound :-) I call it "The Torch" and it has some nice combinator mappings to fine-tweak the sound The sound was designed on an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, so you might have to tweak with your guitar.

Combinator download here:

I appreciate any feedback and will also try and update the combis based on any (sensible) input. This was created for fun and I don't proclaim an exact emulation of the RATT sound here, just thought some might be interested :-)


Edit: Forgot I also uploaded the bus processing preset for the guitar sum:
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