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Old 2013-03-03, 21:55
razingspiral razingspiral is offline
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RE Trial extension if (relatively) unused

I think the RE Trial time has been well thought out and I appreciate how easy it is to use. I expect it is also this way because it is easy to manage.

A few times now I have started a trial and not got around to using it in the timeframe - or just getting right to the last day and going "oh, yeah...doh." Would it be possible to have an exension option, say, 14 days if the device has been used fewer than, say, 5 times. (I guess some sort of usage data would have to be collected).

Maybe limit the number of extension requests in some way so this wasn't abused. I genuinely want to try a couple of REs that have already expired because life got in the way before I got the chance to really try them.

I know the simple answer is only download the thing if you have the time to test it but sometimes life isn't so simple!


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