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Wink M - Audio AIR Mini 32 - Dont Buy it!!

The ONLY driver that works for it is Windows Pro Tools Hyper Control. It wont work with Reason or Ableton's transport controls or any mappings for that matter. The only thing that works is basic cc notes on the keys. Not on the pads or knobs. I could have just used my Korg Nano Key if I had known that. However they advertise that it works effortlessly with many popular DAW softwares. It only works with one Pro Tools.

If you buy it and get all over they Forums after you find it doesnt work, you will find them asking you to "Vote" yeah "Vote" on what software you would like them to make hyper control work with next. Such a bunch a mess.

Oh and I should add for us REASONable people.....M-Audio tech stated thay hypercontrol between Axiom AIR Mini 32 and Reason was "Not currently planned". . . . yeah ok.

If you wanna see for yourself go here -

I even posted pictures of their ads to prove they were guilty of false advertisement.

Also, if you bought an M - Audio Controller.....Dont be surprised when they fall so far behind on driver updates that you end up with a brick instead of a midi controller. For example....Axiom Pro 49. Yeah discontinued. No driver updates as of yet. Firewire 410 interface went out a long time ago before its due date was even close along with all the other products made 3 or 4 years ago. Basically if you buy M- Audio, you'll be buying again and again.

Im gonna try Novation's Automap stuff before I try Akai stuff. It seems to be the best mapping software but I really dont know so thats completely debatable.

I just want other midi friends of mine to avoid the crap I just dealt with. In the end I just spent too much time on forums and waisted gas money driving back to guitarcenter to take it back. sigh.

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