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Old 2013-03-09, 07:29
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Issues with exported sound - Please Help.

I've never had this issue until today, and I can't think of how to solve it. So, I submit it to minds greater than my own.
I've been working with a remix, in which I took chords from the original chords/bassline, applied LOTS of reverb, and made it into a pad type sound. At one point in the song, that pad is the only sound in the mix, then it builds up from there, adding more and more tracks. I applied parallel multiband compression universally to the track, and everything sounded great, except that track sounded absolutely awful, so I turned off the effect, and exported it as is, with said master send effects bypassed. And then, once again, that track, upon being exported, sounded absolutely awful. Note- it only sounds awful until other tracks start building on it, once it wasn't the only track in the mix, it started sounding the way it did in the reason file. I couldn't figure out why, So I tried the highest possible quality, and the lowest, to no prevail. I then sampled all the tracks involved, and put them back into the mix as an audio track, thinking maybe that exporting the reverb might be an issue. So, as an audio track, it sounded only a bit better, but still did not sound like it did in the Reason file.

Any and all advice would be appreciated. I'm willing to send the song file out too, for anybody to investigate. For curiosity's sake as well, if anything.

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