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Pushed mix too hard, need head room

So I've pushed my mix too hard and I can't figure out a way to bring down the input gain of all the tracks all at once.

I can't select all of the audio clips and bring down the Level (dB) either because some clips have a 0 level I guess, and even if I could do that, it wouldn't affect the rack instruments with midi notes.

I really wish there was some kind of script (hah) I could run that would intelligently bring down the input gain of every track, and if it can't bring down the input gain, it would lower the instrument volume or something.

Or would these kinds of things be relative and lowering everything the same amount not result in a mix that sounds the same but with more head room? (which is what I want) I wouldn't be surprised...

It always seems like when I've pushed my mixes too hard and I lower the volumes manually, I lose the balance I took so long to get and the new mix, while it might sound better at first because it's got more head room, after a while you listen to the old and the new and the older one with less head room sounds better in most ways.

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