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OT: Cubase or Live? Something else?

So, recently at a film festival I had the opportunity to speak with other film composers about software and may have been swayed into ReWiring...? To be clear, Reason is and will be my primary DAW. I think speaking to other film composers and having to say, "Yeah, it's tough without MIDI-Out" and also, "No, I wish I could use Zebra, EastWest, or Omnisphere..." etc. made me think a bit. Especially when they would respond, "Why not use something else?" My argument always being that Reason is much more intuitive and more organized... It's what I've always used and the workflow I am used to. I do enjoy it more.

But now, I'm thinking of ReWiring. I feel from what I've seen in this forum, that many people will probably say "Live." To be clear, Reason will be my primary DAW and I will be using the other DAW simply for MIDI-Out and to host a very few VSTs. Which is why I first thought of Cubase. I'm more familiar with Cubase and it's the DAW I think of (or that comes up in conversations) as the better DAW for MIDI and VST hosting. Thoughts here? Technically Garageband which can be ReWired, does also host VSTs, but I have not tried MIDI-Out. I'm open to all ideas and suggestions.

I'm happy with Rack Extensions and I'm sure it will progress more and more into the future allowing for more powerful plugins and Reason will eventually implement MIDI-Out and I'll be able to dump whatever other DAW it is I pick up. But for the time being, I'd like to explore other options so I can achieve more of what I'd like to be doing now musically.

Thanks =)

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