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Old 2013-03-13, 15:00
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Im I the only one that noticed this...

I asked this question over on the Propellerheads yotube channel and I did not get an answer. Im asking again on the forums where I know they can see it. I would really like an answer for this question Propellerheads or from anyone else for that matter because I want you guy to really think about this. Without Automatic Delay Compensation (ADC) and the new "Create new parallel channel" feature, with devices on the drums introducing a certain amount of delay and then the compressor and whatever else on the parallel track introducing a different amount of delay, and none of it is being compensated for to keep them in-phase with each other, do you really think you would get "Hard hitting drums" or thin sounding out of phase drums? Maybe Im missing something or have something wrong or something... I don't know... I just would really like to know how "Hard hitting drums" would be achieved.

Automatic Delay Compensation is a must have, even more so since the day Rack Extensions was launched Rack
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