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I love Reason,and I'm aloyal customer, but it Reason needs a makeover!Basically You guys just cater to Dubstep,Electronica,House,DnB,Techno,and Electro Pop.Why don't you guys make some stuff for Hip Hop or RnB?It's too much House music when it should be for all types of Music!I wish the Effect Plugins weren't so generic!You have limited options for M-Class effect plugins!No presets and bad Sound Design.Like You will find the same kind of patches over and over again.Why won't you improve Reason?FL Studio has way more options for Instruments, Effects,and more.I'm mean..........?Wth?This is constructive critism.Not complaining.I'm tired of everybody bragging on Logic or Cubase or FL Studio!Like it's better than Reason when I know the capabilities of Reason.I''m not a newbie user,I been using Reason since 2.0.You guys charge 300-500 dollars when you give crumbs to work with.Not enough Tutorials,and nothing even giving you an idea about sound design.And if you do,it's just tutorials about House Music Synth Design.Ya know what I mean?I'm just saying don't let the competition out do us!Don't wait til' Reason 8 or 9 to make the program better.Time waits for no man!Mixing and Mastering is simple and once you learn it's like riding a bike.I feel too many people try to stop people from learning the truth.To become better at what they love doing.Music is my life!And I appreciate the whole science behind sound.And the effect Music has on People.Nowadays to much quality is not there in Music.oversaturation and too much Loudness and not enough dynamics.Make your effect plugins more complex,with presets for M-Class mastering plugins and introduce things in Reason that other DAWS don't have.I know I will catch a lot of flack for saying this but it needs to be said.Some people don't even have the money to buy new software or even upgrades every 4-6 months.When you make this Reason 7,do better than ever.It's time for Propllerheads to show the competition that we are the best DAW Software out!Plus you could make hardware versions of Thor,Malstrom,and Subtractor.So you could use them externally.Ya know.And it's been long overdo,please,please,please, bring in some new synth racks!And upgrade the Factory SoundBank.And Try not to have the Soundbank limited.You guys know how to make good sounds.I just wish that you were more creative and not limit yourselves.Also you guys should have experts work with newbies to advanced users live via Propllerhead stream like a Skype.Where an expert from Propllerhead can help the user with whatever the user needs help with.Also could you intergrate Hardware into Reason like if you have a Motif or Access Virus TI 2 you could use it with reason.Where the presets show up in Reason.And I would like to See reFX Nexus,Sylenth,Vanguard,Albino,Tone2 and Native Instruments as Rack Extensions.This a digital world nowadays and you have to keep up with times,like intergrating more VST's as Rack Extentions.Like reFX Nexus has the same logo but it's a little different from Propellerheads logo but similar so why not collaborate?It will be the right thing to do! Last I wish that there were some changes to Recycle,where you could completely remove vocals from Sampled tracks and remove Drums completely from any song ya know?I still love Reason from 1.0 to 6.5.3.I just wanna see you guys be the best that you can be and are.Thanks for listening Propellerheads!!!!Peace2!!

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