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Old 2013-03-14, 17:33
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does soundcloud !#$@#$@!$! your uploads?

hello, i finally got around to posting some tracks on soundcloud
but when i listen to them they sound 'hollow, tinny' and without much 'low end'
however the tracks sound really good through monitors and car speakers, etc.
i also read the thread

and started to wonder about soundcloud quality...but i've heard tracks that sound good on soundcloud, i googled and read some more and found the following conversation:

"""I have a few tunes I would like to share here, so I started to upload my songs to soundcloud. I quickly learned that the sound quality is so bad that I don't want anyone to hear it like that. They use 128kb for their free accounts, but people in the pro accounts confessed in forums that they were dissatisfied as well. I don't think I'm being picky. Listening to my uploads sounds like they're going through some kind of comb filter eq, overly compressed, noisey, etc. The stereo imaging is completely gone. I've even rendered my files into 128kb that sound excellent on my computer hoping that would solve the problem, but apparently everything I upload must go through their sound grinding machine. Some people recommended soundclick, which was basically the same.
The stereo imaging is the real deal killer here. Would buying my own domain name,
and rent web space be a better alternative?""""

"""I totally agree. Pretty much all the sites that host audio files actually sound pretty horrible compared to the orignial untouched wav file.. Not sure what can be done about it though."""

"""What gripes me the most is that I intentionally upload a good sounding audio file with the exact bit rate they claim to use, and they literally destroy it. I don't understand it. A web site that claims to be a place to show your audio work off, and they convert it to some kind of sonic porridge. """

"""I haven't tried the pro accounts, but I was pretty bummed when I compared the quality of my files to the originals.
If you're using it to show your work to prospective clients, it matters. It is the first impression."""

"""I have heard stuff that sounds horrible. I have also heard stuff that doesn't sound bad at all. """

"""Gimme a break. Companies like Universal Audio or Eventide use SoundCloud for their audio advertizing. It's always the same with lossy audio encoders, no matter if they are lame or Fraunhofer: They focus on the important material, masking away stuff that is pretty unneccessary in normal listening environments. If a mix is crap, then it will sound even more crappy after the conversion. But they do not do any serious harm to a well balanced recording. Dozens of links in this very forum will give you a proof of that.
PS: Good songs are still very catchy in youtube at 260 and mono..... """

"""I didn't say anything about your mix. Which I even don't know. But a lot of ppl here and in other forums use soundcloud, and some mixes work very well where others don't.

Let's not start discussing audiophile things. This would lead to nothing.
A mp3 is no 44.1/16 PCM which is no 88.2/24 PCM which is no 384/32 PCM.
A Firestudio Project is no Fireface, which is no Rosetta, which is no ADI8QS which is no CraneSong which is no DAD... so what counts in the end ? What are you and (more important) your customers listening to ?

On this one I'm pretty sure: Any brillant mix and recording will translate perfectly even when auditioned over soundcloud. """

"""However, I made some tests with soundcloud after reading through an interesting forum discussion over at gearslutz.

""And to make a long story short, yes, the streamed version degrades the audio, especially material that already
has a very high RMS ( >-8dB). But one thing is cool: Hit the download button, and you will have the unmodified file again."

the gearslutz discussion is here:

Loading SoundCloud…

Loading SoundCloud…

Loading SoundCloud…

the uploaded files are 44.1khz 16bit wave

i really like soundcloud but i have the same question: should a track be mixed in a specific way to sound good on soundcloud?

thanks, j
hp dv4 laptop 2.3ghz 8gb ram asio4all win7 64bit
reason 6.5.3 / reaper / acidpro /akai mpk mini / korg padkontrol

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