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Smile Thanks to Props

I know some people aren't happy that they haven't seem anything 'new' in Reason 7. There's no instruments or devices (apart from the one they have announced is coming) but I can't really see why people are that upset.

In Logic 9, the only new things they gave were a Guitar Amp and Pedal board simulator. The rest of the changes were really to workflow. There was no update to the library either.

In Ableton 9, the only really new device was the one they got from Cytomic. To get access to everything else you have to go for the suite, because it's all built for Max. The rest of the changes.....are all in the workflow

Protools 10. Again nearly all workflow changes. Avid actually sold off their plugin development team. They changed their system structure and a new plugin format to try and encourage 3rd party development. But the years of being expensive and outdated have taken their toll. It's no longer the essential standard it used to be..

Probably the only daw pushing hard with new content has been Cubase. But like Ableton they have a split price model where you don't get everything.

Now that Props have opened up Reason to 3rd party developers, they are just doing what most other daw manufacturers do. Let other people write plugins, whilst they carry on with the workflow. If you want their new devices, you pay for them. I just wonder if we'll eventually see a tiered structure like some of the other companies.

I've been begging for the changes to audio and loops for some time, like so many people have. I used to ask about 3rd party plugins, we now have those. Same with Midi out. Groups.

Even the graphical EQ with FFT of the signal. They've done that as well.

I'm just surprised that so many people have got what they wanted over the last couple of versions of Reason, but are complaining about it. Especially after the 'pay what you want' deal for Reason 6. The upgrade price isn't even that steep this time. Compared to what Ableton want for me to go from suite 8 to 9, or NI want for me to move to K9 ultimate...

My only real criticism left of Props is their T&C for Rack Extensions. Blocking there resale is a massive no no for me. But then since I like Reason's devices enough anyway and the workflow is now much closer to what I need....I might just upgrade anyway and stay away from Rack Extensions.

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