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Old 2013-03-15, 17:15
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If they were REs, how much would you pay for...

  • A MIDI Out RE?
  • An Audio Quantize RE?
  • A REX file creating RE?
  • A Spectrum EQ RE?
  • The Audiomatic Retro Tranformer RE?
  • All the other features I didn't mention and new functions of the mixer as REs?

Try not to think to hard about how these would be implemented as REs, just think about what you'd be willing to pay. Sorry to beat a dead something over this topic, but I keep seeing folks complain about the pricing...?

In any case, I would pay over $129 for these features as REs. Feel free to break it down if you like, but I just thought I'd post this for some perspective.

On another note... Nothing is "owed." If you have Reason 6.5, you purchased it for the features it had. Developing and bringing awesome features which are stable costs money. I for one would like to see Propellerhead and Reason continue to grow exponentially (so that Reason 8 can be even more awesome), so I will always be willing to pay for upgrades.

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