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Sliding Scale Upgrade for Reason 8

I'm offering this as an idea/suggestion for the future. I believe most people can understand and appreciate that the current ball is already rolling. There will always be someone just outside of the grace period that will feel frustrated they didn't buy Reason just one day or one week later.

Because of this, I think the idea of a sliding scale upgrade would be great. I think it will also come across as innovative and refreshing in comparison to other DAWs. So, for instance:

  • Purchased Reason in March? The upgrade is Free!
  • Purchased Reason In February? The upgrade is $29
  • Purchase Reason in January? The upgrade is $49
  • Purchased Reason in December? The upgrade is $89
  • Purchased Reason in November or later? The upgrade is $129
It will allow for revenues where revenues may not have been made and should at least keep most people happy. I think not seeing a sharp cutoff would help people to feel better and give a different perspective. For example:

"Ok, so I bought Reason in Novemeber. Sure I wish I would've purchased it a month later to save myself $40, but oh well."


"Damn, I could've had it for free!"

For me, the best suggestion I have for folks is to just upgrade and stay on top of the upgrades. You can only feel like you missed the lottery once.


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