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Sequencer Improvements

I think Reason Sequencer can be improved into Reason 7. Actually you have to click one icon or key to draw note, another to move or re-size note and another to erase note. Other programs like Ableton or FL Studio can do all this things with no need to switch between icons or keys speeding up workflow.
On FL Studio or Ableton:

One left mouse click: draws a note.
One right click (or Double click on Ableton): erases a note.
Click over note and drag: moves a note.
Click over final edge of a note and drag: changes duration.

I think a new "Fast Workflow" icon can be added to Reason with this functionality specially in Snap quantized mode in addition to traditional draw, erase and select icons to maintain things like in the past for people who wants traditional Reason tools or for delete, move or change duration to large selection of notes.

I think in "Fast Workflow" mode all letter keyboard keys should act as piano keys like in FL Studio or Ableton:

(<ZXCVBNM,.- as white keys)(SD GHJ LÑ as black keys) for lower octaves.
(QWERTYUIOP`+ as white keys)(23 567 90 ¡ as black keys) for higher octaves.

It is very useful for people that has no MIDI keyboards plugged on notebooks. Actually Reason On-Screen Piano keys are limited to one octave only using computer keyboard.

Traditional Reason mode is good for musicians that are good real-time keyboardists and only needs to retouch recorded melodies while "Fast workflow" mode is very useful for DJ's that are no good real-time keyboardists but has good melodies in mind and writes them note by note using sequencer (Avicii for example).
Actually there are most DJ's that rejects to use Reason just for his sequencer and prefers Ableton or FL Studio for his fast sequencer workflow.

Personally I think FL Studio has too much audio glitches and freezes when instruments or effects are added and I prefer Reason stability but I love fast workflow of FL Studio or Ableton and sometimes I write melodies on FL Studio that I export as MIDI to import later on Reason.
"Fast workflow" mode can open the Reason door to some DJ's.

Another thing I think Reason should have:
Actually when you select a note on sequencer with mouse it always sounds. Sometimes I'm editing notes while playing a loop and I think Reason should have an option to only play notes when time position reaches notes and not everytime mouse selects a note on grid.

Here there are an example of how Avicii makes music on FL Studio and you can see why He doesn't use Reason instead:

I think if Reason includes my suggestions, some DJ's that actually uses Ableton or FL Studio maybe switches to Reason.

I love Reason because I'm engineer and is technically advanced but I think Reason's sequencer should be improved.

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