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Lightbulb The Exquisite All-In-One: Dream Future Feature Requests Thread

Let's make this thread the one to go to for any type of Reason Future feature requests/suggestions.

Reason 7 is upon us, and what a great upgrade this will be. Propellerhead has managed to fulfill most of our desires and we are very grateful to them for listening up so closely to our continuous demand.

Although, this new upgrade will keep us occupied for a long long time. I bet we all have at least one dream feature we will love to see included in the future of Reason.

I will try to gather all the requests made so far from my other thread and put them in here for your convenience. Hopefully this can be made into a sticky for us & propellerhead's ease of reach.

Here we go!:

My top 3:

1-In conjunction with Midi out - To be able to use your fave turntable and do actual vinyl scratches and to mix live like a DJ. Something like Serato Scratch where you can manipulate the sounds in the sequencer with the turntable. Such as: Vinyl stop, pitch down and up, scratching, fader and crossfade syncing between two tracks, monitoring and queing up the next track on the headphones.

2-Reason Vocaloid: with choices of female, male, vocal ranges such as baritone, tenor etc. - Robot voices - Advanced vocoder - Advanced Neptune

3-Audio to Midi accurate conversion - I can whistle or hum a melody into a mic and then have the midi data available to insert it into a synth. Beatboxing translated into midi to apply to drums etc.

What are yours?

---------------------------------Requests from the PUF Thread:

nites - Plugin Delay Compensation

charlycharlzz - my 5 here

1) a real SSL controller mixer full size with all reason chanels , and 4 to 8 real mixing hardware chanels for instruments and voice chanels midi etc.

2) a nektar or watever hardware analog synth that also is interconected to reason as a controller with integrated scren softaware thing into the controler .

3) same then n'2 but for drums and patterns

4) same then n'2 and n'3 but for DJ's

5) and may the most whanted , a super midi version of balance2

skoolafish - A browser pane would awesome.

deanc2000 / hollownation - Session View.

sunleed- A very Rack-Extension-way to get more Legendary Mixers (like the SSL we have now in Reason) in your reason Mixer (Window). I don't really have exact models, but I know a lot of engineers and producers that have each their favourite Studio Audio Mixers on which they like to record/mix their sessions. And also the new era digital big mixers.

Bonkhead -

1. clip pitch/speed adjustment (without using timestrech/tempostretch/pitchshift) sampler pitch bend style or DJ turntable/CDJ player style without the master tempo. Best place would be next to the transpose window, on top of the screen. Preferable scale using percentages.

2. adjustable gui colours

3. dunno

4. balance 2 with midi in/out

5. TF 909 emulation (complete like drumazon but with better punchier snardrum and playing bassdrums at diffrent semitone pitches)

electrofux - Remote Block triggering - A means to directly and/or remotely set the target track

DonaldM75 - I'd like to see the Re-wire feature go both ways. I use Reason inside Pro Tools. I love that I can use Rewire to send audio out from Reason to a PT Aux or Audio track for further processing. But, I'd like to be able to, say, take a PT audio track and send it via Rewire IN to Reason to add one of the effects there...Alligator for example, and the send it back via Rewire for to another PT track for further processing. I've never really understood why the Rewire can't go both ways. Its just input and output. Why would an audio signal coming from PT be any different signal-wise, than plugging in an external microphone and recording vocals to a Reason audio track? Its just an audio signal coming from some source. If Reason can record the external source, why not one via rewire from a DAW? Just asking....

martinbfrancis - I assume the Retro Audiomatic thing is a vintage warmer/heat-type device, which is one key thing I've missed. Other than that:

* Faster Browser (indexing)
* Better Browser - doesn't lock you out of program, audio loop auditioning (like ACID had 10 years ago!)
* Better audio editing - the new slicing looks great, but is it track by track? Can I slice and quantize a drum part w/ 8 parts?
* Improved Neptune - current tool is hard to use with any precision, plus super buggy on low notes

bornsticky -

1. Session View Live Mode

(this would round out Reason for me and would make Reason even more amazing than it already is. Especially now with MIDI out).

2. Rewire Host

(this would be killer, and finally Reason wouldn't have to be the slave device!).

3. Dream request here...

Imagine : Timecode Clips!

If you could link a single audio clip to a turntable with a timecoded vinyl or group an entire set of tracks. Mixing and scratching with REAL turntables within Reason... Oh MY God that would be AMAZING!!!!!!!

tiftof -

1. Video support could be handy
2. Drag'n'drop
3. All new integrated browser
4. Midi routing
5. General update of sequencer and piano roll to make it more user-friendly and "smart"
6. Audio editing features
7. Make that damn tool window dockable!! Hate floating windows you always need
8. Channel busses but no way to collapse channel groups? Common!
9. New uber combinator with at least 8 knobs
10. Dynamic grid would be very handy.
11. Easier way to route things. Would be nice if you could click on the cv out and then the cv in to make a connection - instead of the dreaded draaaaaaaaag or huge dropdown menu.
12. Better automation features like S1. I want curves and wave tools for creative automation shapes.
13. Better integration of blocks.
14. A SC HP filter on the Master Bus would be nice
15. Surgical EQ, though that could be a RE
16. audio to midi is really cool. Not exactly essential, but a fun innovation
17. have imported audio automatically adjust to the project tempo.
18. Limitless automation.

Craven - Remote Block triggering and parallel blocks!

also lots of pianoroll and sequenzer improvements
e.g. seeing several clips at once, clip overlay , show notes

I'm waiting for clip overlay since version 1 :-)

Boilerz - 1. Support for multitouch input devices.

bigant - #1 Upgrade both drum modules:

You should be able to chop,edit,crop(in KONG) and then drag and drop on the pads on Kong.
Advance drums synthesis with Kong. Group button

Redrum: Patterns should play after each other in sync. clicking and dragging note up/down adjust the pitch of each note or step. Dragging L/R adjust the pan.
Group button. Clicking and dragging across multiple steps makes them change color for gate length.

Sequencer should be resizable and move anywhere on the screen. Should be able to zoom in and magnify each wav more for surgical audio editing. Should have button for automation like Logic to display specific automation. To stop the clutter when you have multiple automation lanes. Automation should be on wav files and not at the bottom for precise editing.

Piano Roll: Overhaul!

Rakrum -

1) Kontakt-like ADVANCED SAMPLER (so we can get some string libraries and such...)

2) DRAG AND DROP (in case we never get an advanced sampler like NN-Kontakt)

3) ReWire HOST (so Drag & Drop would not be needed)

4) VIDEO (in case we never get to use Reason as a ReWire host)

5) Multiple Lane Editing (to have Violin 1, 2, Viola, and Cello all show up in the piano roll and be able to chose which one I'm editing at any time)

6) Score Editor..... (I don't think that's on many people's priority list...)

npinero - I just want better Audio to Midi than the Neptune workaround provides. Everything else they have in R7 rocks and is all I need.

JesseRyckman -

1. More controls and CV inputs for the combinator! Need this one

2. Adjustable GUI colours (and/or simply more track colours)

3. Better browser - I agree with what others have said on this

4. Better automation features. Being able to record CV signals and that

5. Video would just put Reason on the next level

BlueDragon - VIDEO TRACKS PLEASE for those of us who score to picture

marcuswitt -

1) FX delay compensation

2) VCA groups in the Main Mixer

3) a more advanced Combinator, let's call it "Combinator XL" for now

3) "Melodyne"-like pitch correction/manipulation within audio tracks (should be possible since the basic technology is already implemented in Reason)

4) a Mix automation system that provides all automation modes that are necessary and usefull, such as OVERWRITE, TOUCH, LATCH, TRIM, FILL, READ

5) AAF import/export for a better and more comfortable file exchange with other DAWs



1. Markers with coresponding markers
window and naming. the window list shall corespond
with the timeline both ways.
Markers 1-4 each should have a shortcut
directly above the timeline for fast save and recall
markers 1-4.

2. Audio group editing list, a way to select lets say
a string quartet 4 mono tracks and a stereo track
save it as a editing group for copy/paste, Xfades,
and so on, directly on the timeline.
It could also be collapsing track editing, I dont care.
But this feature would lift Reason into highend

3. Xfades directly on the timeline, just a plain logarithmic
xfade with -3db at the x point. No need for a 15 pages
xfade window. A easy shortcut with a predefine xfade time
Like 10 ms. and a easy to grap handles for changing the length.
if nessesary.

4. Expanded audio clip level drawing, I would love to be able to draw
audio level directly on a clip instead of using automation for this.
it would speed up editing, its already very nice with the clip level
feature, but still a way to draw volume changes inside a clip would be

5. midi editing while still seing a audio track for refernce editing
between midi/audio.
A new day is coming...

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