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Old 2013-03-14, 10:37
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Cool The thorn in everyones side is "Mastering"

Hi I am new here, but felt compelled to make some noise about the serious lack of tools needed to do what I consider, the most important job with making your tracks sound brilliant with quality. To be able to export your track and burn to cd and having is sound great when played on any media device.

This is a must in my opinion, and is seems a shame that Propellerhead do not seem to be bothered with this aspect. Yet I can seriously visulize that this particular aspect could have Reason being the most competitive piece of kit in the world. No more rewire problems and no more having to fork out masses of money that no one has got, to purches other software to specifically do this job (that would no doubt incorparate tons of needles synths and sequencers and the like)

There has been some attempt at it from propellerhead, when they gave us the combinators and the mastering effects racks with some preesets. But this is still micky mouse in comparison to others out there. It still lacks the ability to add volume with out clipping and even when you think you have it right, when you come to play your track on other media it ends up sounding dead.

Are we still going to get new reason upgrades with needless synth and effects we dont need forever? or can propellerhead give us music making lovers what we really need? and that is (a blooming brilliant, easy to use and understand, very cost effective, simple download and patch in, noticably effective and works the best - mastering suit.

Yes yes, I know mastering is a black art....but isn't it about time in this digital era, that it isn't any more?

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