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All Reason Multimedia Sonic Event

Greetings. I have created seven new short compositions, each being inspired by an assemblage created by sculptor Martin Settle of Charlotte, NC, USA. (I took Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an Exhibition" as a reference point though, if you should listen to the pieces, you will notice that the idea of strolling through an exhibit is about as far as his influence went.) I responded to each piece in a variety of ways-structural aspects of the piece, mood, dramatic curve, and, in one case, mapping colors in to timbres and note content. (For example, the color red had a particular synth sound and a limit of three notes. The color blue would have another timbre and a maximum of four notes, and so on.)

One other very important "limitation" I set for myself was to only use Reason software for all the pieces. As you Reason user's know, this is really not much of a limiting factor as Reason has an overwhelming number of sound possibilities!

If interested, please go to Soundcloud and search for Donald J. Chamberlain to hear the pieces. A picture of the assemblage that inspired the music is also given. Hope you listen and enjoy my music. Feel free to respond to this thread if you have thoughtful comments.

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