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Lightbulb Locking instruments down

A problem i've found happening quite often, and i'm not sure if there's something like this already, but if not, it shouldn't be too hard to implement (I think).

The point is that when dragging an instrument, sometimes it completely disconnects all the wireing. This normally isnt a problem, as one can just cntrl+Z and everything is fixed again.

The problem arises when I'm recording a live set, changing parameters while the music is playing.

When accidentaly disconnecting a rack instrument now, undo-ing the action stops the recording.

A fix for this would be that all instruments / effects are locked down, unless dragged with (for example) shift. Eighter that, or a small lock button next to the bypass / on / off button, that locks down all the cables into the instrument, or a global button which locks all the cables.

I'd think the last idea would be easiest to implement (as then theres no need to update ALL the instruments).

Hope this gets some attention, and gets fixed.

Can't tell me NOBODY has had this? o.o

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