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I got my hearing tested today...

So, I have Tinnitus, which in case you aren't familiar with it means I hear "ringing" in my head all the time (basically a sustained high frequency sound with a couple of additional harmonics). I've had it my entire life, don't ever remember not having it, and only recently (maybe 5 years ago) even knew it was "a thing" and wasn't just normal.

Now that I'm so much more aware of it, I decided I really should go get my hearing properly checked, since maybe I have hearing loss and just don't know it. I tend to think I have pretty good hearing but... what if I'm wrong?

So today I got an "Audiogram" which basically meant they looked in my ears, and put me in a little iso booth with headphones and asked me to press a button when I could hear a sound.

To my pleasant surprise, the results were that my hearing is actually quite excellent, especially given my age (40 in a couple months).

But also to my surprise, the test only covers up to 8kHz because anything above that they feel doesn't matter as it's outside the range of human speech!

Anyway, on the one hand I'm very happy to hear that I have nearly flat hearing response across 250hz to 8kHz, I still do hear this high frequency noise in my head 24/7 and I'm now curious to know what frequency it's actually at.

If I wanted to generate a sweep of frequencies in Reason, but wanted to know the exact freq. of the sound, what's the best way to do that? Or maybe this is something better suited to Reason 7 with the new Spectral display?

Have any of you had your hearing tested? Are you doing anything in particular to protect/preserve your hearing as you age? I don't go to many concerts (like nearly none) and I don't go to clubs or play live, so in general I think my hearing is relatively safe. But I do sit around computers all day with their constant low-level fan noise and I know that when I turn them off, the difference is staggering to me. I wonder sometimes if having been around computers my entire life (actually have not known what it is to not have a computer in my home since 1975, or one in my bedroom since about 1986) might have contributed to my tinnitus?

And lastly... it's generally believed that tinnitus is incurable (unless it was specifically caused by a medication reaction or some other temporary thing). But regardless, do any of you have tinnitus and find you can do anything to help with it?
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